Understanding the Aplas software asset metadata platform

Aplas data pipeline

The pipeline is all about limiting the storage of metadata, while separating it from how it is consumed. Whether that data is directly entered into Aplas or synced from another metadata source, any change to the data will immediately update the map and all publications.

Connect & index

There are many repositories for software asset metadata. From project management, to source-code, to enterprise architecture tools.

A software index is designed to create a high-level, workflow-agnostic, centralized source-of-truth for software asset metadata.

Aplas provides APIs, webhooks, and packaged connectors to keep your software asset metadata in-sync.

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Map & style

Software mapping is a breakthrough new field designed to allow anyone to understand software at scale.

Creating a software map is just the beginning. You can publish our metamap interface out directly, or you can design your own map with our style designer. Customizing everything, except for the positions of the applications, regions, and channels.

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The primary purpose of Aplas is to publish information to your organization.

We have a growing list of user interfaces that can be published to your landing page. Metasearch is a Google Search like interface, while metamap is a Google Maps like interface.

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