Publish your indexes, maps and styles to increase software literacy


The power of Aplas comes from publications. Providing multiple ways to share an index, map or style within your organization.

Creating a publication takes a few seconds, linking a source to a published url, through an "interface".

There is a growing list of interfaces, including, Metasearch, Metamap, Stylemap and more.

Once an interface is published it's available either directly via its URL or through your organizations Aplas home page.

Interface Metasearch

Our simplest and most popular interface is all about finding information as quickly as possible.

Metasearch is backed by a powerful search engine that gets you to the right information regardless of the accuracy of the query.

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Interface Metamap

Metamap is like Google Maps, but for software. It's designed to find information efficiently, especially when your not quite sure where to look initially.

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Interface Stylemap

Styles are published through our Stylemap interface. It's great for a presentation when your looking to switch layers on and off at the click of a button.

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All publications are highly customizable. Change the location, show/hide/feature, restrict access, and configure a range of settings specific to each interface.

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